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  • Breanne Bess

What Is Earthbound?

Imagine, obtaining hands-on experiences with native plants, animals, and protecting the environment. Then, using that experience to educate others about the ways that they can make a positive impact as well. Students in the Earthbound Environmental Awareness Organization (Earthbound) do exactly that.

According to the OC App, the organization is open to all students interested in protecting the environment. The OC App said Earthbound provides “environmental awareness and educational opportunities to members, the campus and community, through field trips, on-campus programming, and public outreach as well as doing environmental service projects.”

During a recorded interview advisor of Earthbound, Professor Leah Knapp said, “To me if you want to protect the environment, the number one thing you need to do is educate people as to why it’s important. That’s much of what the group does, public outreach and helping people understand the environment and what you can do to help.” Knapp stepped in as the advisor in 1990 when she came to Olivet College (OC) to create the environmental program.

Knapp said that her favorite part of being the Earthbound advisor is participating in public outreach and getting to work with the Earthbound students.

In an email, senior and Earthbound Student President Elijah Collins said that outside of the group’s usual meetings they “host animal programs at the school, participate in environmental expositions such as Crane Fest in Bellevue and the Woldumar Environmental Expo in Lansing, work on the Michigan native plant gardens on campus and help keep the schools’ biological preserve, Kirkelldel, clean and usable.”

Collins said that his favorite aspect of working in Earthbound is participating in the different programs designed to teach others about animals at the Crane Fest and the Woldumar Exposition. “We need more supporters of the environment, and this club is meant to do that which I love. Trying to save the planet is a big undertaking and starting in our community is how we start,” said Collins.


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