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  • Olivia Velasquez

Trivia Quest – What Did I Accidentally Stumble Across?

In recent months, Netflix has worked to expand their film and TV empire by dabbling into games. This is a newer function with options like dominoes, card games, and even specifically Netflix Original tie-ins. If you’re anything like me, you’ve yet to venture into this strange new side of the streaming service. But, I may have found something even weirder. While browsing my Netflix landing page, I was confused to see the Trivia Crack icon on a recommended interactive “show” called Trivia Quest. The program says there’s a new episode every day, each of which being less than 10 minutes long. So, I was intrigued. As it turns out, this is a short interactive show/game hybrid following the same characters as its outdated predecessor, Trivia Crack. What was once a mobile app to challenge others at trivia is now a Netflix show.. game… thing? If you’re unfamiliar with Trivia Crack, it was originally a mobile trivia game to play against your friends. It was launched in 2013 and saw immediate success with its players. The game allows players to challenge one another to be the first to win the trivia crown. In order to obtain it, players must answer a specific number of questions in each category (art, entertainment, sports, history, geography, and history) correctly, until eventually one person wins. Though the game has severely declined in popularity, it still landed over 600 million downloads throughout the span of its existence. Not too bad. Basically, the game used to be super popular but hasn’t been for probably 7-ish years. So, this Netflix thing is weird. I have no idea who this show/game is supposed to be for. The bright and colorful animation mixed with the child-like “adventure” tale make it feel like it’s geared toward a younger audience. Then, when you actually take the few minutes out of your day to try it out, you’re faced with questions about Frida Kahlo, the film industry, and centuries old sports practices. Maybe I’m just out of touch, but I don’t know some of the answers to the questions asked, which leads me to believe children couldn’t either. However, the animation and weird half-attempt at a storyline don’t exactly seem to be for adults either. So, who is this for???? Overall, this thing is weird. I don’t get it. If you like trivia but have always wanted to flex that muscle on Netflix (of all places), maybe check it out. Otherwise, this will simply take up space on your Netflix recommended.

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