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  • Damorian Draper

The Women’s Volleyball team for the Win

On Sept. 20, 2023, The Olivet Women’s Volleyball team went up against Anderson College at the Cutler Athletic Complex.

Throughout the first set Olivet held the lead all the way through and ended the first set with a score of Olivet-25 to Anderson-18. In the middle of the second set, it was neck and neck for a couple points. Finally, Olivet ended the third set with a score of 25 to Anderson’s 18. The third set flew by and had a couple big hits coming from both teams.

Olivet won with the score of 25 points to Anderson’s 18. Olivet ended the night with a big win against Anderson on the final set with a winning set streak and a score of 25-14.

Sophmore, Kayin Harper on the Women’s Volleyball team reflected on the game saying, “Okay so I thought the game went well, we have been working out the kinks that have been hurting us in past games and everything is starting to flow together nicely. Some of our starters are injured so it was nice seeing other girls step up and take control in a way we haven’t been used to in the past. We play the same team again tomorrow at our tournament and we are excited to see where that game takes us! Energy is everything in volleyball it’s all about momentum so keeping a positive spirit on the court and on the bench is very important to us and I believe it truly helped us come out on top.”


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