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  • Damorian Draper

The University of Olivet Haunted Halls

This past Halloween-eve The University of Olivet hosted the “Haunted Halls” event where Greek houses put up scary decorations like a haunted house to scare people that came through. Sophomore, Logan Wienclaw said, “I thought Kappa Sigma house was cool because they chased us with chainsaws at the end.”

Soronian Society, Sigma Beta, Kappa Sigma Alpha, Alpha E, Nu Gamma Xi and Eta Psi Kappa were the houses decorated; throughout every house there were people in almost every corner trying to scare people. Sophomore Landon Fletcher said, “It was a very fun time I’m glad I got to experience it with my friends and my brothers.’’

"The event when from 8 pm- 9 pm on Oct. 30. Sophomore, Jeremiah Mason said, “I screamed and jumped on all my friends and line brothers in every house.”


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