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  • Kylee Curtiss, Bridgette Shroll, Brayden Craig

The New Student Center and What's Inside

The Cutler Student Center, The University of Olivet’s newest addition on campus, officially opened Jan. 22. Since this building is meant to be centered around student life, according to KayDee Perry, Associate Provost for Student Development.

The building will be open every day from 7 a.m. to midnight. But what’s the big deal about this new building? And what’s inside?

There is a Tu Taco Grande that opened on Jan. 23, conference rooms that can be rented out, new offices, the mailroom, and the student store that opened on Jan. 24. 

Tu Taco allows customers to order using the kiosks at the front of the restaurant. Students can use both their Comet’s Cash and Meal Swipes at Tu Taco, making it a popular food option on campus from 9 a.m. to 11p.m.

“I like how it’s closer to most of the classrooms and even dorm halls. It’s easier to have a quick and easy spot toget food instead of waiting in the long lines of the KC (Kirk Center),” said sophomore Kaleb Hall.

Dr. KayDee Perry, Associate Professor of for Student Development shared her thoughts about the student center, “I think it’s much needed for our students. The students needed a place where they could exist socially.”

Dr. Perry continues, “The new offices allow us to have a new interaction with the students.” When asked about how the student center will impact on The University of Olivet Dr. Perry explains, “I hope for the better. This building is set up to help us move forward. Our plan is very focused on how we can improve the student experience. Having this building to be the heart of the institution where students can feel this sense of belonging and be a part of the community should help with the things to help students succeed. I feel like this was a need.” 

The Spirit Store has been open since Jan. 24. This new store has a new selection of small snacks like candy, slushies, and Dip n’ Dots to choose from, along with a section of both University of Olivet and Olivet College apparel.

University Store and Mailroom Supervisor, Heather VanDeMoortel said “This student center is better for the students because it allows students to have more social interaction. The hours are longer, and they can get their mail whenever they want.” 

Cassidy Stormzand, a junior and employee of the Mailroom and Spirit Store, said, “Everyone so far has loved the new scanning system we have, it has made our lives so much

easier, and it’s helped us focus on the new spirit store since we’re not always grabbing packages for students.”

Freshman, Kaitlin Dyer, explains what she thinks about the Student Center. “I enjoy the student center. I didn't think it was going to be spacious, but it’s spacious and I like that,” Dyer explains. “I hope the student center gets used. This is a good place to have a common ground for everyone.” 

In honor of MacKay Gym, the building standing before the Cutler Student Center, The University of Olivet is creating a memorial wall to the right of the entrance by the event room.


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