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  • Abbey Peters

The Comet Fest 2023

The University of Olivet's H.A.S.S.A. hosted the Comet Fest which included giveaways, campus clubs, greek communities, free ice cream, dunk tank and many more activities.

OLIVET, MICHIGIAN (Aug. 24, 2023)- Club Fair: Comet Fest hosted a club and organization fair, including some small businesses from downtown Olivet.

OLIVET, MICHIGAN (Aug. 24, 2023) - Other Greek Societies, including Nu Gamma Xi and Eta Psi Kappa, had booths as well.

OLIVET, MICHIGIAN (Aug. 24, 2023) – The newly founded University of Olivet Bass Fishing Club recruited new members at Comet Fest.

OLIVET, MICHGAN (Aug. 24, 2023) - Artists drew caricatures and did face paint for students.

OLIVET, MICHIGAN (Aug. 24, 2023) - Comet Fest even had a dunk tank, where students could try to dunk their favorite staff and faculty members.

OLIVET, MICHIGAN (Aug. 24, 2023) - A highlight of the night was the mechanical bull.

OLIVET, MICHIGAN (Aug. 24, 2023) - H.A.S.S.A. leader Joshua Gillespie hosted Comet Fest and kept the energy high all evening.

Photos By: Abbey Peters

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