• Jarel Evans

Students Respond to Changing COVID-19 Restrictions

Last year at Olivet College was different and odd for most students due to the pandemic. Things have changed since then. This semester, Olivet College has less restrictions for face masks and free vaccinations are being offered on campus.

“I am glad I get to enjoy the college experience again and interact with my peers face to face,” said Kate Mcelhone, senior. “I am so glad we can experience going to games and events around campus. I have been able to be more social than last year but I still try to keep myself within my close friends and teammates. I am glad we are able to be back on campus in face to face classes.”

"It makes me happy to see life starting to go back to normal,” said Julia

Mellinger, junior. “But every time it's a setback it scares me. I’m really excited for homecoming. I've never experienced one in college before. I never really got to know anyone last year due to covid restrictions. Being a new student with the pandemic really sucked. I've already made so many new friends and we’re only a month in or so.”