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  • Adrian Geiger

Opinion: Energy All Around Us

 Fire, wind, water - all were possibilities until carbon emission impacts. No matter how dramatic one can put our current situation, our planet is being destroyed from the inside. Fossil fuels are being dumped into the atmosphere by the tons. But is an apocalyptic doomsday that should only be seen in films our utter end or is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Indeed, there are solutions. Over the past three decades, renewable energy has boomed. Wind turbines glitter across lonely farm fields, and swimming in our waters, geothermal energy from Mother Earth’s heart, and stemming from the hydraulic forces to turn water into energy. 

Although these elemental energies stand tall over fossil fuels in the competition of sustainability, the elemental forces of Mother Earth have not been accepted widely. But do not lose hope, because we are in the era of clean energy, an era of change. Wind turbines scale mountains and cities, hydro powerplants safely dot rivers and oceans, and geothermal begins the conquering of Earth’s core.

Although there are disagreements on which energy is the best, there is one main opinion: we need change and we are getting just that. More jobs are becoming accessible for those fresh out of high school with rewards in company college and training - jobs where one can climb the ladder of success however, they choose. Companies like Vestas Wind Systems are presenting students with undergraduate and graduate programs in their marketing and engineering districts to further promote this healthier way of living. 

Do some looking - you may find your career for the future.

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