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  • Andy Sadler

Olivet College Sign Suddenly Replaced

On the morning of Nov. 18, one of Olivet College’s entrance signs, located in front of the Hosford History Center, was on the ground and replaced with a new one. The new sign sports vibrant red edges and more three-dimensional elements, such as the Olivet College text and the Pro Christo Humanitate seal near the top.

“The branding of a college environment includes its signage,” said Michele McCauley, director of communications at Olivet College. “It helps make students, employees, alumni, prospective students, the surrounding community, and guests feel welcome and at home.”

According to McCauley, the old white sign had been on campus for around 25 or more years, and that, while the old sign had served Olivet College well, it was time to refresh the campus’ brand with more contemporary and impactful monument signs.

“Lisa Collins designed the new signs with input from President Steven Corey and other campus leaders,” said Taylor Lenz, content specialist at Olivet College. “Johnson Sign, based in Jackson, produced and installed the signs.”

Johnson Sign, according to their website, installs any type of sign needed that benefits their client’s needs, and their overall goal is to help make a positive impact on their clients and community by being servant leaders.

Both welcome signs, on the north and sound end of the main campus, have now been replaced.

Images provided by Andy Sadler.


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