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  • Abbey Peters

Olivet College Announces Impactful Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen

Olivet College has announced that it is introducing the ADVANTAGE Scholarship, which provides free tuition for eligible students.

The Olivet College website lists each requirement that a student must meet to receive the scholarship. Prospective students must qualify for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, qualify for the federal Pell Grant, and complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1 with Olivet College listed as the student’s first choice of school. Students must also be incoming first-year students beginning full-time in the fall of 2023.

At the Dec. 8, 2022, press conference announcing the scholarship, OC President Steven Corey explained that the goal of the award is to make higher education more affordable for all students, specifically 2023 Michigan high school graduates.

OLIVET, MI (Dec. 8, 2022)- Governor Whitmer and President Corey pose with students at the event.

“The Olivet College ADVANTAGE Scholarship is our pledge to the students of Michigan that we remain firmly rooted in our mission to make a private college education available to all,” Corey said.

According to OC Director of Student Services Libby Jean, the scholarship will have a positive impact on OC first-year students this coming fall.

“Every award helps our students get one step closer to their academic goals. The Olivet ADVANTAGE, along with the new Michigan Achievement Scholarship, is geared toward making college affordable for a broad group of students ranging from the neediest to those families earning more than $100,000 per year,” Jean said.

Jean also stated that the scholarship should help OC enrollment to rise as potential students and their families consider options for financing a college education.

“Financial concerns can be overwhelming for students and their families. These exciting programs help to alleviate that stress for families and help them to make decisions based on the benefits of being part of the Olivet College Community.”

While the ADVANTAGE Scholarship does not apply to current OC students, Jean said that the college remains focused on ensuring that all students receive adequate financial aid packages. Corey, at the press conference, spoke of the scholarship’s impact on Michigan students and their families. Corey talked about the potential that a college education can provide for a student seeking growth and financial security.

“A four-year degree increases a person’s lifetime earnings and opens the door to countless career possibilities. College also provides students with more knowledge, broadened life experiences, and opportunities they might not otherwise have to build lasting friendships and mentorships with diverse populations,” Corey said.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer was also present at the announcement, where she voiced her approval of the scholarship.

“I am thrilled that Olivet’s ADVANTAGE Scholarship makes Olivet College tuition-free for Pell-eligible students who receive the Michigan Achievement Scholarship and a federal Pell Grant. Half of Olivet Students are Pell-eligible, and this new scholarship makes Olivet tuition-free for half of their new student body. I urge colleges across Michigan to follow Olivet’s lead and find innovative ways to lower the cost of higher education by using our historic scholarships,” Whitmer said at the press conference.

OLIVET, MI (Dec. 8, 2022)- Governor Whitmer and President Corey pose with students at the event.

Photos Courtesy of the Olivet College Twitter Page


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