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  • Nate Lehman

New Structure Rises in Olivet

(OLIVET, MI) - The talk of the town has recently shifted toward the new structure being built in the City of Olivet on the corner of Main Street and Kalamo. What is it?

A Family Dollar/Dollar Tree combo store is under construction by John Hedstrom and his company, Hedstrom Associates. The expected completion date is April 30.

Why Olivet?

Hedstrom said, “One reason is the college, another reason is it’s a nice sized city. Our location is probably the best you can get in Olivet for a variety store/grocery store. The fact that there is not a grocery store helps our business do well.”

Hedstrom also said, “The city has been one of the nicest cities to work with to try and get things done, and the county. You don’t find that everywhere.”

The Family Dollar/Dollar Tree will be sitting on a 75,684 square foot lot. The store itself will be 10,500 square feet. It will feature two entrances, one off of Main Street and one off of Kalamo Street to help with traffic flow. The lot will include roughly 37 parking spaces around the store.

The location of the new building from a birds eye view.

 “I think it should be an asset to the town and nowadays the prices of groceries have gone up so much, in these types of stores some of the items are cheaper than they are at Meijer’s or a medium sized grocery store… sometimes that's all somebody can afford, and I think it is a real asset to any community, it gives people a choice,” said Hedstrom.

When the construction was proposed, there were a couple of proposed issues that were broughtup with the City of Olivet Code and Ordinances. Chapter 42 Zoning, article V. - Supplementary Regulations, Sec. 42-121. This calls for the review of a building design within 500 ft of a public building and sites. The building is across the street from the park in Olivet.

In the minutes of a city meeting dating back to April 10, 2023, officials approved the review, as well as approving the use of just 37 parking spaces. The city requires 60 parking spaces, but with approval from the board, the project was moved along.


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