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  • Bridgette Shroll

New Building, New Students, New Opportunities

The new student center, opening spring of 2024, is being established to help and support students at The University of Olivet. This new building will be called The Cutler Student Center. It is going to introduce to students' new opportunities and creating bigger spaces. According to The University of Olivet’s website, the student center will including a new dining option named “Tu Taco,” a Spirit Store, the new location of the campus mailroom, meeting spaces for student clubs and organizations, and a multi-purpose conference room. The website quotes a former student Elijah Collins, ‘22, who said, “The University of Olivet is our home. We have our bedrooms in the dormitories. We have our kitchen in the Kirk Center. But what’s been missing is the living room, as the building architect refers to the Student Center. Now, we’ll have our living room.” Olivet’s Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization on campus that creates events, overlooks all clubs on campus, and finds new ways to work with students to create a better campus. They will be getting their own office space in this new building. SGA President Jennifer Mann, senior, is eager for the new student center to open. Mann said that “SGA is happy to finally have a permanent space to call our own and can’t wait to utilize the new space in the student center for SGA events. Hopefully, we’ll be able to create some new traditions.”

Event liaison for SGA, Mya Kinnunen, junior, has been excited for the new student center to open as well. Kinnunen said, “The new student center is going to be a great new update for the future of the University of Olivet. As a member of SGA, having a brand-new office for SGA will make us more public to the student body, allowing us to take in more student feedback to make the University the greatest it can be.”

Written by Bridgette Shroll

Photo by: The University of Olivet


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