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  • Rian McClenney

Mementos Left Behind: The Echoes of Olivet College Alumni

Olivet College, where many come to further their education to improve themselves as individuals and help themselves progress into the future. Of course, even after the students graduate and leave to pursue their goals, they do not always leave Olivet. Their memories stay alive here on campus by coming back to speak as alumni, and giving shout-outs over TV, radio, and music. Some go as far as to commemorate their year here at Olivet College.

The different monuments that can be located around campus, be they the Acorn Statue that sits proudly out in the center of the Campus Square that was given to the college by Tom Kolassa of the Graduating Class of ‘69, or the commemorative rock that sits proudly right at the heart of the square given to the campus by the class of 1921.

One must wonder, with all these great memories left behind, what will future generation Olivet College students do to leave their mark on this wonderful college? Will they leave behind a commemorative statue? Or perhaps, they will come back to speak to the next generation after them to inspire them to go on and become something amazing and awe inspiring as the generations that have come before them.

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