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  • Ben Gur-Arie

HASSA Makes Itself Known on Campus

Landen Cooley, a freshman at Olivet College, helped prepare food for a Cookout celebrating Black History Month at the KC attended by many.

“Black History Month cookout is something we love to do. We get together, mingle, play games, and listen to music,” said Cooley.

Cooley stated they usually have some food such as spaghetti and stuff like that. They play a lot of different kinds of music such as R and B, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott, lil Kim, and Frankie Beverly Amaze.

Among the attendants of the night’s cookout was Chloe Williams, a junior, who is the president of the Black Student Union.

“This is Landen’s first cookout. He’s(Landen) done a cakewalk and a talent show before. I joined BSU last year when I was a sophomore and I liked how the club was being ran,” said Williams.

Williams added that no one was stepping up for the leadership role so she chose to take on the responsibility of being president.

“We’re part of HASSA, the Hiram Archer Student Success Academy. Between BSU and that we do meet and greets, we’re going to do Soul Food Sundays,” said Williams. "The first HASSA kickoff meeting is Mar. 10 in Mott Auditorium where students can come out and ask us questions."

Olivet College frequently has opportunities for people to get together, enjoy good food and socialize.

Photos by Ben Gur-Arie

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