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  • Ben Gur-Arie

Career and Leadership Center

The Career and Leadership Center helps students gain experience and opportunities according to Sierra Lull, Olivet College sophomore. “We help students first create resumes, which is the first important task going into the work world,” Lull said. “The Career and Leadership Development Center also sets up internship fairs or finds internship fairs for our students to attend. We help set students up for success.” Lull said.

“Many students are thinking of grad school,” said Dr. Amy Radford-Popp, director of Career Readiness and Leadership Development. “We also do excursion, job shadow site visits to company settings.” The scope of the Career and Leadership Center is wide. “We’ve aligned with some colleges similar to us- Alma, Albion, Siena Heights, Adrian, and hosted a job fair in February that was in Lansing,” Dr. Radford-Popp said.

The Career and Leadership Center is nonetheless a vital resource that students can use for planning for the future. The director Amy Radford-Popp is dedicated to helping students forge their path.

They offer many resources for students, from pamphlets to various online networks.

According to the Leadership Development Center’s pamphlet for building your resume, the main segments should be Laying the Foundation (Reflection), Designing Your Blue Print (Formatting), Build Your Structure (Writing), and the Inspection (Review, Edit, Revise).

Handshake is a network that the Career and Leadership Center uses to help students find jobs. “Handshake’s network has grown to more than 900 college and universities and more than 420,000 employers,” the Olivet Career and Leadership Center’s website says.

Comet2Comet is another service offered by the Career and Leadership Center, providing students with help in their career and internship search from real Olivet alumni.

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