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  • Ben Gur-Arie

Caleb Arthur: Olivet's Film Director

Caleb Arthur is a senior at Olivet College who is graduating this spring. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Southfield Christian high school before transferring to Southfield A&T(Arts and Technology). He was brought to Olivet because he was given the opportunity to run track, but he got a scholarship to sing gospel choir, so he went with the latter, and majored in graphic design. Coming out of high school, he felt that college was something that was supposed to be a chapter of everyone’s life. Going through college, he now feels like college is actually a good experience for everybody.

College was a truly positive experience for Caleb Arhur. He said it really helped him grow as a person. After studying graphic design for about a year, he switched to the MPC major, and it’s where he figured out his future career path. He said he started exploring photography a little bit, and that grew on him. Caleb Arthur makes movies professionally, and that’s where his career as a film director and videographer came from. He is also getting into talent management.

A poster for one of Caleb's horror films.

Caleb Athur speaks about his challenges as if they’re a thing of the past. He says his biggest challenge at first was time management, like he had too much time and couldn’t work efficiently. He also found that he was making himself too busy at points. Staying focused is also something that Caleb Arhur reinforces as an important tool in college. There are many distractions so as a student you need to stay on the ball.

His biggest triumph in college was just trying new things. He said that stepping out of his comfort zone and trying things that he hadn’t tried t helped a lot in his development at college.

After-college plans for Caleb Arhur include trying to maintain clientele and gain new clients as a professional filmmaker. He said film is his main focus, but talent management is also in his mind. KWorld productions is his talent agency, and he’s set his sights on taking over another talent agency, called L&M productions.

If Caleb Arthur could do something differently with his college experience, he says he wish he would’ve figured out his priorities earlier on, and took time to write all of his ideas down. He said he thinks that if you write all of your ideas down, the likelihood one turning ideas into action becomes much greater.

Images provided by Ben Gur-Arie.


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