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  • Damorian Draper

2023 Annual Crop Walk

CHARLOTTE, MI (Oct. 1, 2023)

On 0ct 1, the annual Crop-Walk invited the public to come out and enjoy themselves at 1305 S Cochran Ave Charlotte, MI. The Christian Rural Overseas Program was referred to as CROP when it first started in 1947 (under the auspices of Church World Service, which was established in 1946). The main goal was to assist Midwest farm families in sharing their grain with needy post-World War II neighbors in Europe and Asia.

Once all the Greek houses arrived, they started setting up all the previous years of the crop walk. It included the names of the people that attended and their houses on the sheet in the previous years that they attended.

The Helping Hands Food Pantry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society came out to spread the word for their organizatons and the services they provide. Sophmoe Logan Wienclaw said, “ The bags that I got from the Helping Hands Food Pantry were cool and that it came with school supplies."

The event was over at 2 pm and was an overall success for the Crop-Walk. There were smiles across everyone’s faces.

Senior Keyon Johonson said, he enjoyed his time being there the only bad thing was the heat.

Photos By: Damorian Draper


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