• Noah Spiece

Music to Isolate To

In this lonely pandemic, purpose can be lost quite easily. You fall out of your bed for the third morning in a row, except it isn’t morning. The sun is high, and the clock reads noon, and you tell yourself for the fourth morning in a row, “I need to get up earlier.” But the morning after, nothing changes, because you can’t get the thought out of your head: “What reason do I have to get up early?” And so, the cycle repeats. The only purpose left now is to get through all the time put in front of you by our collective isolation. So here’s some music to wake up to, some music for the solitude, some music to lift you up, some music for emotional catharsis, some music to keep you busy, some music to keep you singing, some music to help you feel something, anything. Here’s some music to isolate to.

“Rock Island” by Palm

Palm is an experimental rock band specializing in awkward time signatures, hallucinatory vocals and musical repetition. Their most recent album “Rock Island” finds Palm’s oddly rhythmic guitars playing blindingly bright notes beside the smooth and hypnotic voices of the band’s male and female vocalists. The songs here feel drenched in a tropical sun due to steel drum sound given to the guitars. It’s a sunny, bright musical oddity of an adventure. The standout track is “Dog Milk”, a lulling, repetitive, musical journey with longing vocals set to identify with any lost soul stuck in one place.

“Pop Food” by Jack Stauber

Stauber has a broad range. Upbeat, melancholy, comforting, bursting with joy and energy, all of it simple, all of it odd. This is the best description of “Pop Food”, however wide and contradictory. Synthy, with simple guitar and bass, and a bare bones drum machine, all under eccentric and careening vocals, this solo project hits all the emotions you’re feeling or need to feel. The standout song is the opening track “Buttercup.” One of my friends, Adrian College freshman Jordan Cooper said, “This song, it makes you feel like driving down the highway with all the windows down in the summer.” Stauber also recently uploaded a music video titled “The New Normal” reflecting on our current homely situation in an amazing animation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4lNq4nhdDQ

​​“Songs of Grief and Solitude” by Drudkh

This is instrumental, traditional Ukrainian folk music. The only instruments present are acoustic guitars and a few woodwinds. Nothing else. It’s incredibly simple, soothingly natural, and indelibly graceful. It sounds like the birds and trees and the open-air all in peace with each other. This down to earth, real music. If you want to feel outside in the wilderness, this album is the portal to that. It almost feels like a portal to another time, long ago, when music was the most beautiful thing there was, and nature was its greatest inspiration.