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Coming to an Empty Lot Near You

Have you noticed the vacant lots that once held the homes down on Main St.? If you are wondering what the plans are for the empty spots are, we brought you the information.

Amy Huepenbecker, city hall clerk, was asked what the plans were for the area and she said, "Last year Casey’s general store bought the property.” The plan is for a Casey’s General Store to be placed on Main St.

Casey’s General Store is both a convenience store and gas station famously known for their pizza. Its headquarters are located in Ankeny, Iowa. According to Casey’s cooperate website, they now have more than 2000 convenience stores in 16 Midwestern states.

Huepenbecker also said that four lots were bought. There were occupants in one of the houses, but they moved out once Casey’s made their purchase.

Destinee Hawkins, freshman, was asked what she thought of the convenience store and she said, I think that it’ll be beneficial for the simple fact that it’ll allow for more options for students on campus and people in the community. As long as there’s good customer service and affordable prices I’ll give it a try.”

While some may be looking forward to the new general store, others feel differently.

Lindsey Lashley, Mobil Gas Station employee, was asked what her opinion is on having a Casey’s General Store so close and she said, “I don’t want it. Not at all. I think its stupid and this town is too small, it has three gas stations. It would really dent the business here. This town needs something else other than another gas station.”

Lashley concludes her thoughts on how the owner of the store has an even stronger dislike towards the idea.

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