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Khôrada spin a web of warm and desirous riffs on album “Salt”

October 17, 2019

Khôrada are a progressive/alternative metal band. They are the phoenix that rose from the ashes of two starkly different, legendary, and now derelict, metal acts: Agalloch, a folk inspired, atmospheric black metal band, and Giant Squid, a sludgy, progressive, post-metal band. With the singer and guitarist from Gian Squid, and the guitarist, bassist, and drummer from Agalloch, these members have joined together to create music distinct from their past projects. They succeed not only in that, but also in being distinct from just about every other band out there.


Pulsing and punching, Salt gallops away into struggle, desire, and a homebound warmth on legs of drumming and riffs from the meek and soft to the strong and wrenching. Throughout, Khôrada carries with them a feeling of caring and embrace behind their sound of dismay and conflict, imbuing the listener with their deepfelt emotions to sift through and feel.


Khôrada exhibits two guitarists who dance with, around, and against each other with ear-enticing contrast. One plays with a tone thick and smooth next to the other’s high and pained delivery. These two are present simultaneously on almost every track, giving each song a depth while they switch between lead and rhythm with each other, and transition to channel riff upon new, galloping or emot