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  • Michael Fisk

S’mores Welcome Week

Students at Olivet College let their wildest creations come alive with a s’morgasbord of new things to try other than the classic s’more.

According to Wonderopolis, s’more got its name from a publication called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girls Scouts.” Loretta Scott Crew, who was making them for her Girl Scouts, was given credit for the recipe. They were called some mores in Girl Scout publications until 1971, and that is when they became s’mores as we know them.

Olivet College ended Welcome Week with a s’mores extravaganza and not only was this a way of welcoming students back in a mellow type of way, but also a way of displaying student’s food creativity.

Sophomore Chris Long had his own version of a unique s’more. He said, “They had so many types of marshmallows. They had little ones, mediums sized ones, and they had these big gigantic ones, so I obviously went to that one because I didn’t want to wait. So, this fat marshmallow on , and I waited until it was dark and fully ready, then I put it between not one, but two pieces of chocolate and two pieces of graham cracker. It was like over flowing from the sides, so that was probably my most unique creation.”

Long said it was so messy that it got into someone’s hair.

This event was sponsored by three groups: Student Activities, the Hosford House, and the Blair Hall Resident Advisors. There was between 60 and 80 people in attendance.

S’mores were the highlight, but not everyone there enjoyed the Welcome Week event the same way. Senior Keyon Rainey said, “My favorite part about the event had to be the ice cream. I love ice cream, and I’m not much of a s’mores guy, so overall the ice cream has my vote.”

The next s’mores party at the college will be on the Friday, Oct. 11 during Homecoming Week.

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