• Ta’Neeka DeMyers

Graphic Design Store Adds Flavor to Olivet College’s Campus

Need a design to come alive? Downtown Olivet’s Shore to Shore Graphics store is the place to find. Store co-owners Holly Hoffman and Tammy Buechle, who have worked “really well” together for seven years, said their location in Olivet has been around for exactly a year now. “And since we’ve been here, as soon as doors opened, we’ve probably doubled our business,” said Buechle.

Hoffman said, “The community has been amazing . . . . We moved in and it was like, ‘oh my gosh, this was the right thing to do’ . . . . Everything was meant to be . . . everything fell into place.” Hoffman also said that the store deals with a lot of local Greek and sports organizations. “. . . working with the college has been great. Everybody there has been incredibly nice,” she said.

Senior Hezekiah Turner, a member of fraternity Alpha Phi Kappa, said he heard of the store from his sister sorority Eta Psi Kappa, but has not checked it out yet. After seeing the Greek lettered hats the sorority had Shore to Shore design for them, he said he would check it out for his house because he likes the fact that they can use Greek letters. “Certain people can’t do Greek letters because they have to have a license to do that,” Turner said.

Junior and member of Eta Psi Kappa Ajahnae Henry said she discovered the store last year from the college’s “Night on the Town” event after walking past the co-owners and their building. Henry said her favorite thing about the store is, “The fact that when you go in, and considering I am in a Greek organization, they let me leave my (Greek) letters down there, so anytime I wanted to come in and get anything, they already have my letters set.” She said that the store has different colors, patterns, and ideas for their designs such as what the house uses, sparkly letters, and this makes it a “good way to interact with the community.”

Henry also said the store is beneficial because it is convenient for her sorority house, and they do not have to drive super far. “You can just walk down there and get whatever you want made. They’re really reasonable with prices . . . they’re always answering the phone . . . making sure you get everything you need . . . so it’s pretty cool,” said Henry.