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  • Marah Heikkila

Aladdin Movie Review

The beloved classic “Aladdin” is just one of several films that have been adapted in the past couple of years. What people have come to see as a classic was once again put on the big screen, this time using real life motion scenes with actors versus animation scenes.

The movie focuses on Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, who grows up having to steal to get by, and although a criminal to some, he is also seen as a loveable and human character. His path crosses with Princess Jasmine, played by Naomi Scott. After getting the magic lamp and letting out Genie, who is played by Will Smith, Aladdin becomes hyper aware of his status as a peasant versus the princesses’ status, and uses his three wishes to try and win her over.

The move stayed very close to the original one, and one really great thing about the film was the soundtrack itself. Having such an amazing soundtrack prior and the songs being relatively recognizable to the general public, surely puts a certain amount of pressure on the new one. And by no means did this soundtrack disappoint.

It was filled with the usual songs such as “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali”, but they were jazzed up a bit, full of fresh new voices with strong and articulate vocals that really added to the atmosphere of the film.

The bringing to life of characters in the film also made it very fun to watch. The Jasmine people grew up knowing, and the Aladdin were able to be brought into a reality. Although the iconic voices of the past truly created the film and are well known, the current cast left its mark to some degree.

Another perk of the film was the chemistry between the actors, the friendship between Will Smith and Mena Massoud was very genuine, authentic, and realistic, similar to the original.

Although there were reasons for skepticism when it came to recreating a classic, the film doesn’t entirely lack nor is it a bust. If anything, it’s a new take with a similar score of music, but a film for both children and adults. It still remains a classic favorite.

The original “Aladdin” movie was released in 1992. The characters were voiced by some of the most popular stars of the day. The cast included Robin Williams and Scott Weinger who was also featured on the sitcom “Full House”. Jasmine was played by Linda Larkin who is an actress, singer, and voice actress.

The story of “Aladdin” includes a 2011 Broadway musical as well as other takes on the classic tale including one staring Mickey Mouse and friends.

The film is rated PG and the DVD is released.

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