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  • Julia Bidelman

2nd Annual Drag Show Aftermath

On Thursday, March 21 Olivet College’s very own Common Ground held their 2nd annual Drag Show. Doors opened at 8:30 p.m. and the show started at 9 p.m. There were about 200 people who attended this event.

There were six professional drag queens and three of our very own students that performed in this year’s show. The 6 professional queens who performed names were Batty Davis, Gabriella Galore, Courtney Lush, Cyber LaRose, Arsenic and Christie Davinci. The three students who performed in the show were sophomore Kyrie Bostic, freshman DJ Vore and freshman Nina Butts.

After about every two to three performances there was a Q&A portion where people in the audience were able to ask the queens about their everyday life including what their real jobs are, what their favorite part about performing is and where they get their costumes and how they are made.

Queen Gabriella Galore hosted the show. Galore Said that her favorite part about the show was the crowd’s energy, how involved everyone in the audience was.

Queen Batty Davis said that their favorite part of the shows is afterwards when they get to meet all the fans and getting to hear their reactions. Davis also said that this was one the smaller shows that they have performed in, and that just the other day they performed in a show with Gabriella Galore that had an audience of about 700 people.

Freshman DJ Vore, Vice President of Common Ground said that he is very happy with how the show went and that he is amazed. Vore also said that his favorite part of the show was when he was performing and got to rip shirt off.

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