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  • Julia Bidelman

The Drag Show is Back for a Second Year

Courtesy Photo

The second annual Drag Show will be happening on March 21 from 8-11 p.m. This event will be taking place in Mott Auditorium. The ticket price will be $3 for students and $5 for non-students. The Student Government As- sociation will be sponsoring this event.

Emma Benham, sophomore, and president of Common Ground said that last year they had about 40 people show up to this event. Benham also said that the goal for this year’s event is “to get people on campus to open their minds for a safe and entertaining experience.”

Kyrie Bostic, sophomore, treasurer of Common Ground, said that he believes that after all the advertising that the group has done for this year’s upcoming show that they are expecting to double the amount of people that came last year. Bostic also mentioned that the group had a fundraiser called “Fleak Your Friday” where members of Common Ground did the students makeup to raise money for any additional costs of the show that have not yet been paid for.

Common Ground treasurer D.J. Vore, a freshman,said that professional drag queens will be performing at this year’s show. Vore mentioned that so far, they are expecting to have 10 queens and one king performing in the show. The people performing in the show are coming from Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Jackson. The queens who are coming from Grand Rapids did such a good job last year that they were asked to come back and perform in this year’s show.

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