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Olivet Celebrates 175th Year at Founders’ Day

Olivet College commemorated its 175th year with a special Founders’ Day celebration on Feb. 20. The program featured student presentations about their experience at Olivet—past, present and future.

The day began with a bell-ringing in the college square at 9 a.m. As icy rain came down, Dennis Dougherty, Class of 1970, rang the bell as about 30 people gathered to begin the day. Most of the group walked over to the Olivet Cemetery where founder the Rev. John J. Shipherd is buried. President Steven M. Corey and the Rev. Michael Fales, also shared remarks.

Mott Auditorium was full of students, employees and visitors as Corey continued speaking about the history of the college, formally established Feb. 24, 1844.

He said, “175 years after its founding, you can see that Olivet College was very intentionally founded

on certain principles that have guided here over these many years and which continue

today to be of equal power. We continue to define Olivet College by who we include instead of who we exclude in a bold and great way and reject the notions of prejudice, of elitism, of prestige. As we gather here today to honor and connect to our past, we also work to create a strong, thriving and sustained future for this great college. We recognize that there is something more than just ourselves; it’s about honoring the generations before us and ensuring that generations to come will likewise have the opportunity to bene t fromthe Olivet College educational experience.”

There was also a reception and sneak peek at the Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives, which has recently been renovated to house the Olivet College archives. The Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives will be formally dedicated and opened to the public in May.

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