• Ta’Neeka DeMyers

Icy Plains Causes OC Pain; Students Urged to Be Careful Out There

Coutesy Photo

It was a cold, January day on Olivet College’s campus. The wind chill reached to about 20 degrees below zero and the ground, heavily covered in ice and snow, caused student injuries.

Specifically, two students injuredthemselves on Wednesday, Jan. 23 and on Wednesday, Jan. 30. The students said they got injured from the icy conditions of the parking lots and sidewalks.

On Jan. 23, freshman Faith Lucas said she was making her way back to the Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music from Shipherd Hall when she slipped on the icy slope coming from the side door of the residence hall.

“I felt like I was on like a—ice rink or somethin’,” she said. Lucas also said that she felt “stuck” and realized she had hurt her leg. She said her leg was not sprained, and only hurt for a day and a half until she recovered. “...it’s dangerous out here—Michigan weather is not predictable at all so ya’ll [Grounds workers] need to be on standby [with salting],” said Lucas.

Freshman Mariah Gossett said she also felt Grounds workers need to put more salt down on the ground for it to be safer to walk on. She said that she is “scared” to walk outside now after suffering an injury on Jan. 30 inthe parking lot behind Shipherd Hall. She said that she was about to walk to her friend’s car when her incident occurred.

“As soon as I stepped out of the snow, I slid on the ice and just fell like straight on my back . . . . Why isn’t the parking lot clean?”, she said. Then, after slipping a second time, trying to open the car door, Gossett said that her back was in pain for three days.