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  • Julia Bidelman

What Students are Expected to do at the End of the Semester

A lot of things happen at the end of the semester – exams, travel plans, and leaving Olivet for a few weeks.

Talking to Resident Advisors (RA) Kyrie Bostic, sophomore, and sophomore Samantha Torres they explained the process of moving out at the end of the semester and what is expected of students. Bostic said that students first start out by setting up a time with both their roommate and RA when and they plan on moving out. Torres told me that when students move out, they must take all trash to a dumpster, remove all perishable food items from their room, close and lock windows, close drapes and blinds, turn off overhead lights, unplug all electronics, and nally lock the dorm room door

Torres mentioned that everyone is expected to be moved out and gone by 6 p.m. when, and if a student has a night class, they are expected to leave as soon as the class is over. If you live extremely far from campus and are not able to be picked up or to leave that night after class, then students may talk to their RA to make arrangements.

If students do not plan on leaving campus, they must petition to stay. The petition must include a detailed reason or argument to stay on campus during the break. Bostic mentioned that if a student needs to stay for a few hours past departure time, they would not have to fill out a petition, due to the fact that they would not be staying on campus over the entirebreak.

The campus will be closing on Friday, Dec. 21 at 5 p.m. and all students are expected to leave at that time. The campus will then reopen Jan. 2, 2019, for the beginning of the spring semester.

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