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  • Savana Bioty

Halloween: A True Tradition For Children

The reason Halloween is still important to our society is because children are no longer encouraged to be young. Children are forced to grow up faster - forced in school or with the advancement of technology.

Going trick or treating, while dressed up as your favorite superhero, princess, character, or idol, teaches children that it is okay to dream, to be a child and play. We take for granted little holidays that keep the spirit alive in children, keeping their imagination

owing. Halloween helps childrenrecover childhood fun. The joy you see on the faces of children as they dress up and make believe is the most precious thing.

We as parents and adults need to keep pushing for our children to never lose their childhood, never lose traditions that children look forward to every year. Traditionally, communities come together to celebrate with our children and their imaginations. On Halloween, children can become whomever they dream; dreams are endless, imaginations run wild, and deep happiness graces every face, skull, and purple monkey. Halloween will always bring happiness to all who celebrate our children, not really thecostumes, but the e ort our childrenmade to make them. As a community, let’s encourage children to share their creativity to make this the best Halloween we can.

Let our children be who they want, dress up how they want, and feel the joy of being a child. Memories children have from Halloween never fade, it’s these memories we must protect. Let’s all - Olivet College students, faculty, and community - show our spirit to our children this year. Help those children who may only be happy this time of year, or children who feelalone because they are di erent. Nomatter where the child is coming from, Halloween is children’s escape from normal life. Let’s show these children happiness for years to come.

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