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  • Julia Bidelman

SGA Members Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

Student Government Association (SGA) members work hard, daily.

Kyrie Bostic, sophomore, is the president of the SGA. He creates meeting minutes, frequently communicateswith the advisor of the SGA and is the person of contactby faculty in request of SGA’s presence for events. Bosticis also a resident advisor for Dole Hall.

Brooklyn Holley, sophomore, is vice president of the SGA. Holley handles and organizes most of the meetingsfor SGA, and she has been working on the SGA’s website to make it look better. She is also a soccer player.

Jack Caporuscio, junior, is secretary. He documents the meeting minutes, sends them to advisors and enforces the group’s constitution.

Jonathan Johnson, sophomore, is the Greek Representative and also a member of Alpha Lambda Epsilon. Johnson bridges the gap between the Greek societies and SGA to make sure that Student Life and Resident Life communicate.

Raphaela Birtulescu, junior, is treasurer. She receives budget request forms and takes them to the business o ce. Birtulescu also informs clubs and organizations about when money is expected to be in the SGA’s bankaccount.

Natalia Malaydakh, senior, recently resigned fromactivities liaison. Her job was to create and plan campus-wide activities so that the SGA is able to promote diversity and apply inclusivity.

What to expect from SGA this semester

The SGA is soon expecting to be able to send out campus-wide emails on its own, because they currently have to go through an advisor to do so. As a group, they also look forward to the college buyout of the Lamplighter, and the possibilities that brings for students and the community.

SGA meets Sunday nights at 8.

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