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  • Miguel Marin

Senior Sendoff

“I can’t wait to graduate.”

This is what I would always say during my time here, and now, the time has come, and I am saying, “I’m scared to graduate.”

Well, it’s not that I am scared, it is just that I am nervous to enter the “real world,” but, I know that I will do great, as long as I give to the best of my ability. The one problem that I have is missing the place that made into the man I am today.

These past four years at Olivet have made me realized that I have learned a lot and become a better person. This place will be something that I will never forget, and I will be wishing that I could relive every day in my life. By that, I mean being in the KC to eat and me and my frat brother just sitting there talking for a whole two hours and having to get asked to leave because we didn’t realize how much time had gone by.

Or just going into the Student Services Office and asking Gayl Dotts for a work study check and just asking her how her day was every day.

The memories I have made here at school, some may be good, and some may be bad, but it all comes together and makes you realize how important those achievements or problems are in life. I know a year from now that I will be thinking, “Oh my God, I remember the time me and my frat brothers threw this crazy Homecoming party. Or, “Man, I really thought me and my frat brothers were going to get that house.” I now realize anything is possible as long as you work hard for it.

Remembering everything will be an enjoyable and sad feeling because I know I will remember all the friends that I made, even if was those friends that I made because we only had

the one class together, and, now when I see them on campus, I say hello. Or, if it was that one friend I have, like Isabel Leon, where every time I call her I say, “Hi Izzy Dizzy Wizzy.” and she says “Hi Miquel Well Smell.” Those are the things that I will laugh at and also be sad at just because I won’t hear

them every day.

At the end of the day I know May 19, 2018, on that day, I will be the happiest man alive and I will also be the saddest man alive. Realizing that I will forever be an Olivet College alumni though, will be the best memory I will ever have.

Marin is a Journalism and Mass Communication major, photo editor of the Echo, and a member and president of Mu Omega Pi.

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