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  • Abby Radcliffe

When it Comes to Gyms on Campus, Will there Ever be Enough?

A study was done at the University of Ohio to show the bene ts that expanding recreational space had on students. In the study, the University found that

expanding space would help students become more social, save money, become more involved, and would improve health. The University also found that students’ grades increased once the expansion of recreational space was completed.

The same kind of results were found by Purdue University, which showed that those who used the recreational space available improved their GPA. According to Purdue University, students who visited the recreational space regularly had an average GPA of 3.2 while those who did not visit at all had an average GPA of 3.07.

At Olivet College, there are 11 women’s sports teams and 13 men’s sports teams, according to the Olivet College Comets website. Many of those teams need gym space during the regular season and on the off season. It is no surprise that Olivet College students are struggling to nd gym time. Athletes and students alike have access to three different gyms at Olivet College.

Those who participate in sports use The Cutler Event Center. Upton and MacKay are located near the residence halls, closer to students. Each gym serves a di erent purpose. According to the Olivet College Comets website, Cutler is used for men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s volleyball, and men’s wrestling. MacKay is used for Intermural Sports and boxing. Upton is used when there is a game in Cutler and the volleyball or basketball teams need to practice. When the gyms are not being occupied by these activities, “students are playing pick-up basketball or other sports” said sophomore Sarah Feldpausch. There are also teams like men and women’s soccer which are nding it hard to nd gym time.

Senior Evan Shirkey said, “Trying to work out with the team is a diffcult situation; we always try to play soccer in the gym, but it’s always too over- crowded.” Since it is the off season, the team does not have top priority said Shirkey. “Other students who play pick-up basketball have a hard time finding space after class,” senior Emily Reinecke said.

According to, Olivet College has 1,045 students. That is a lot of students to t into the two gyms available for them. “Students who want to unwind by playing pick-up games after classes may not be able to because of the sheer amount of demand the gyms have,” said Reinecke. According to Brendon Bonotto, a junior at Central Michigan University, he has an easy time getting in the gym to play basketball either alone or with friends. “It is very easy actually, there are leagues that play each fall and spring, but everyday there’s a huge portion of time dedicated to just open gym and there’s about 8 open full court gyms to choose from,” Bonotto said. According to Olivet College, plans are in place to expand Cutler, adding another gym, full sized indoor track, and extra locker rooms.

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