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  • Brandi Schonter

What does valentine’s day mean to you?

Valentine’s Day is one holiday that 62 percent of people all around America celebrate according to the Census Bureau. One thing that people might not know about this day is that it started off as a day to honor Saint Valentine in the late 400’s but has been associated with love ever since the early 1600’s according to the Census Bureau.

Valentine’s Day can be spent in a variety of different ways depending on one’s creativity. Justine Knowlton, a junior at Olivet college spent Valentine’s Day, “in my apartment with my boyfriend Shi. He brought me my favorite romantic food (Olive Garden: Chicken Gnocchi soup, breadsticks, salad, Calamari, and unsweetened tea) and he took me to an animal shelter in Lansing because I love animals.”

Devian Prince, a sophomore, said he spent Valentine’s Day “hanging with friends and family Eating, having fun, and telling people how much they are loved.”

There are also some people who celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing what they love instead of spending it with who they love. When Stephanie Cochran, a senior, was asked how she will be spending Valentine’s Day she said “I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my true love… Spalding…it’s game day.”

Although Valentine’s Day is a holiday that honors love, it can be interpreted and or spent in different ways. An article called “20 awesome things to do when your single on Valentine’s Day,” written by Amy Daire and Gabbi Shaw, suggests that one might spend the day watching movies starring their celebrity crush, pamper yourself at a spa date starring you, or possibly spending it with your other single friends by exchanging gifts with each one another.

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