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  • Zach Oshinsky

Mac Demarco Concert 5/14/17

On Sunday May 14, Royal Oak Music Theater hosted, Mac Demarco. Mac Demarco is a musician that’s style can be best described as “slacker rock” or “folk rock” due to his use of flat drums with guitar and synthy keyboards. Demarco brings a certain type of “swagger” for lack of better terms to indie rock, which makes him stand out amongst other bands in the genre. Demarco performed a mix of old fan favorites along with songs from the new album. The new music that Demarco released is very groovy he gives you acoustic guitar in one song then in the next you get a stellar keyboard beat that sounds like it could be from a 90’s love song with an 808 type drum beat. The live show is second to none, Demarco talks to the crowd asks them what they want to hear and for his final send off he crowd surfs around the venue to show a little love to the fans. The tour that he is on is currently a year long tour around the world promoting his new album, “This Old Dog” was released on May 5 also known as; “Cinco Demarco” is his third studio album. the opening act, Stef Chura from Michigan put on a really good show to get the crowd warmed up.

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