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Boxers bring home the 'bronze' - finish third in nationals

“I am just a boxer and my story’s seldom told….”

So begins “The Boxer,” by musician Paul Simon. It could be so for Olivet College’s boxing club. Boxing is not an MIAA sport, so no place on the OC Athletics web site, but rather mention in the “Student Clubs and Organizations” section of Student Life. The young club finished first two years in a row in national competition, most recently in 2016, to reign as the number one team in the Unites States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA), the governing body for intercollegiate boxing athletes.

The USIBA has only been in business since 2012, and is working to sign up its first 100 boxers. The opening shot on its web site is the 2016 Olivet College boxing club.

Unfortunately, that slide will soon be coming down, as the OC boxers fought but lost the national title just a few weeks ago in Virginia. But, we’re number three in the nation, and that’s just fine for the club, led by Coach Loren Partlo, Ph.D. This year’s champions were Virginia Military Institute, followed by the University of Michigan.

The championship was held the third week in March at the Virginia Military Institute. Participating were: sophomore Alissa Belcastro, freshman Thessanael Borrego, senior Jarrell Brackett, freshman Randy Britt, junior Jason Cabugos, senior Thomas Gary-Homes, freshman Frank Grayson, junior Jarred LaChance, sophomore Ronald Lord, sophomore Kan-rey McKelvin, sophomore Taahir Muhammad, junior Erik Partlo, junior Nicholas Ranney, senior Chris Taylor, and freshman Blake Williams.

Boxers winning bouts included Muhammad, LaChance, Lord, Grayson and Brackett. They have been proudly wearing their belts around campus.

The Olivet Boxing Club has a gofundme page to help with traveling expenses.

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