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  • Re’Gene Thompson

Spring Break- student destinations and hot spots

Spring break, March 13-17, is right around the corner and for many Olivet College students it is a time of relaxation - an opportunity to get away from Michigan’s unpredictable weather and head south to soak up the sun.

According to Student, some top spring break destinations include: Cancun, Mexico; Nassau, Bahamas; South Padre Island, Texas, the sand castle capital of the world; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Daytona Beach, Florida; and Panama City Beach, Florida, which is rated the number one spring break destination, with its wide beaches and hard-packed sand. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a place where beaches aren’t the only perk - it is also a place that is heavy with art and culture and that is predicted to have nearly 80 degree weather all week long. This is where seniors Aaron Washington, Kevin Woodson, Ryan Hagarty, and junior Quintin Way, plan to spend their six-day vacation.

Hanging out with friends on the beach, going out, and partying in surfing hot spot Coca Beach, Florida, is in the books for sisters and sophomores Samantha and Sabrina Butler and friends.

NASA launch headquarters, located right in Cocoa Beach, makes for a lifetime touring experience. Orlando is an hour drive away, making a visit to the theme parks a must. It is predicted to be in the high 70s the entire week.

For some college students, getting out of Michigan for spring break is a much needed break for the mind. Said freshman Katie Rusch, “I’m going to Louisville, Kentucky. I will be gone for an entire week, catching up with family, shopping, exploring Kentucky, and enjoy the amazing food.”

Olivet College athletes, including lacrosse players, will receive four days off for spring break, hopping right back into preparing for the season.

“I plan to spend time home in Ann Arbor with family and friends while getting as much sleep as I can before returning to the grind,” said senior women’s lacrosse player Miranda Mors. Although spring break is only a week long, students use this time to recharge, enjoy sunny skies, surround themselves with positive people, and embrace the opportunities that they have to see the world, before jumping back into the final stretch of the semester. The last day of classes is a month after spring break, with commencement on May 20.

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