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  • Kori Ramirez

The man behind the madness - Steve Ernst

In his first year as the Olivet College men’s basketball coach, many fans have come to know Steve Ernst. They have come to know the personality that shows every time he takes the court for game day, but many do not know the man behind the madness.

Q: What are some things that people don’t know about you outside of basketball?

Ernst: Well, I went to seven schools growing up, which kind of gives me a different view on life a little bit when you’re the new kids seven times. I’m a 1991 Olivet grad.

Q: No kids’ right? A: Nope, no children.

Q: So this is your baby? A: Yupp, I’ve coached at nine different places. I started Aim High basketball in Lansing in 1991, and I didn’t go into coaching until 1998. Over seven years I was just on the training/AAU side, and then I sold it (Aim High) and went into coaching, like real coaching.

Q: So, specifically about this season, what are some of the thoughts that you have on the team that you have and how you’re doing in the MIAA? A: You know my real pride for this group is for them to shed their baggage. I’m very proud of them, you know it’s not easy when you’ve been hit with a hammer for a while to get back in the fight.

Q: Your seniors before you have records of 2-12, 2-12, and 3-11. With that being said, you have seniors who are playing now to the best of their potential, what does that say about their toughness? A: These guys are a lot tougher then they even realized, and they’ve put up with me and I appreciate their patience with me. I don’t think I’ve hugged them into playing well, I just think they are a lot tougher and talented then they even realized. We’ve got seven wins against Division III opponents, which to me is a really crucial stat. We beat seven schools that have been playing basketball for a long time.

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