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  • Zach Oshinsky

Review: Floozies electronic show mixes genres and lasers

On Saturday, Feb. 11, The Loft in Lansing hosted The Floozies, with special guests Probcause. The Floozies are an electronic band that brings different genres of music to the forefront with a concoction resulting in funky electronic.

Brothers Matt (producer/ guitarist) and Mark Hill (drummer) make up the duo. The group is on tour right now promoting and playing their new album “Granola Jones”. The album is a synth-y electronic collection of four songs that sound like they could be used for 1990s video games.

The live show on the other hand was nothing short of spectacular. From a laser light show that should have had an epileptic warning on it, to the energy brought to the stage by the duo, it was great.

The Floozies are amongst those DJs that integrate live instruments into there live show. Matt Hill is at the head of the operation during performances playing guitar as well as running a midi keyboard, Abelton live, and singing when needed to keep everything mixed and flowing smoothly.

Mark Hill plays a traditional drum set that in a weird way fits perfectly into the ensemble of synthesizer, guitar and electronic mixes.

The sold-out crowd was anything but disappointed by the performance the brothers put on for them.

The Floozies are on tour until April and then they go on tour again for both weekends of Electric Forest in Rothbury.

Other artists that often play with The Floozies are: GRiZ, Cherub, and Big Gigantic.

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