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  • Zach Sturgill

Pick up those sticks, it's lacrosse time

Olivet College Women’s lacrosse is gearing up for the 2017 season, led by new coach Kaitlyn Feeney.

The coaching change comes in response to a 0-11, 2016 record. Bringing in Feeney from West Virginia Wesleyan University, Athletic Director Ryan Shockey feels confident and excited for this 2017 season. “She has great coaching experience, and has also played at the NCAA Division III level, so she understands what it means to be a student-athlete at this level,” Shockey said.

Shockey has kept his mantra of the athlete being a student first. This filled coaching spot seems to follow what Shockey has been stressing for his tenure as athletic director.

Coming off a 6-9 record at West Virginia, Feeney must make a transition from a Division II team to Division III. Feeney has played lacrosse at the DIII level in college, when she attended Guilford College in North Carolina. Taking the job here at Olivet, she is excited to come back to this level of college play. “…I can honestly say I am thrilled to be getting back to DIII. I very much enjoy the atmosphere a small liberal arts college brings to both the athletic and academic experience for student-athletes,” said Feeney.

Entering a much different program than what she is used to, Feeney has plans going forward for Olivet lacrosse. “My focus this year will be on developing the fundamentals and putting strong systems in place with the team. By advancing the play of each individual team member, it changes and improves the team as a unit. The systems I plan to incorporate this season will be a great match for the current student-athletes and will ultimately create a successful program this year and in the future,” she said.

Junior Stephanie Robinson also looks ahead with excitement in 2017. “I’m looking forward to see how the team deals with a small number of players…it will be challenging but also very rewarding to work together,” said Robinson. When asked about what makes the program different than the others, she said, “Olivet’s program has been through a lot these last few years…it’s perseverance.”

The team’s first home match is March 10 againstConcordia Chicagp at 4 p.m. Conference play begins in April, with the first home game April 8 against Alma at 3 p.m.

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