Hall of Famer Morrison racked up 21 championships

February 17, 2017

If you have ever had time to look around The Cutler Event Center, you have probably noticed the Gary Morrison Coaches Corridor. While most of the time visitors just walk through on their way to their coach’s office, the gym, or weight room, most have noticed the plaque to the left of the entryway dedicated to Coach Mo. 

So, who is Coach Mo? 

Coach Gary Morrison is known for numerous achievements at Olivet College. Hired by Olivet in 1967, Morrison started coaching men’s basketball, cross country and tennis, as well as instructing in the physical education department. Before he retired from Olivet in 2010, Morrison served as a professor of General Education/General Studies, the men’s basketball coach from 1967-1997, tennis coach from 1967- 1968, cross country coach from 1967- 1970, men’s golf coach from 1974-2010, and the baseball coach from 1971-86. 

Over his career, Morrison won 21 MIAA Conference Championships, coached men’s golf teams at eight NCAA National Championship appearances, as well as coached six NCAA All-Americans, and nine Scholar All-Americans.

With a career like that, it’s no surprise that visitors in the Olivet College Archives often ask about Coach Mo and find themselves fascinated with the career of the Olivet College Athletics Hall of Famer. With the attention Morrison rightfully receives from the Olivet, MIAA, and state communities, an interview was set up, and this is what Morrison had to say in regards to his career and time at Olivet.