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  • Re’Gene Thompson

Intramurals the Olivet way

Students at Olivet College look forward to the spring semester because of the countless activities that take place during this time. Not only is this a time of excitement for Greek societies, due to the start of pledging, this is an exciting time for friends, groups, clubs, and organizations to get competitive through intramurals sports. Intramural sports at Olivet College includes dodgeball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, basketball, disc golf, ultimate Frisbee and bocce ball.

“Intramural sports are important to Soronian because they bring us together; we enjoy trying our best and bonding after our wins and losses. We plan to play soccer, volleyball and dodgeball this semester,” said Athletic Manager of Soronian Mary Dalrymple.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for the college’s intramural program because I am a sports and recreation management major. This helped me learn a lot about game management and gave me a taste of what I can possibly be doing in the future. It was sometimes difficult to ref because a lot of my friends played and wanted me to make certain calls, but once I put on the ‘stripes’ it was all business,” said intramural referee Katie McKinnon.

According to, “The Office of Intramural Sports seeks to assist in the development of the total person and recognizes physical fitness and daily activity can lead to happier and healthier students. Intramural sports at Olivet creates the opportunity for students to feel a sense of belonging, acquire new skills, have new experiences, build teamwork skills, and have fun in a competitive setting. The Olivet College Intramural program goals are the following; to create an environment that is fun, safe, comfortable, and conducive to sportsmanship, to create a staff that is diverse, well-trained, enthusiastic, and team-oriented. The office also aims to provide a sense of belonging for all participants, and create a fun experience for all participants and spectators, while promoting teamwork.”

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