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  • Corey Hricovsky, Crissta Ames, Chris Thomas

1 ring- owner sought

People lose things but through the power of mass communication and the internet, getting lost items back is easier than ever. When Joanne Williams, professor of journalism and mass communication found a ring in MacKay Gymnasium, she collected it for her own personal lost and found collection. Williams passed this ring on to her fall 2016 semester basic reporting students so they could try to locate the owner.

The ring itself is silver and has the names “Paige” and “Dylan” engraved on the front of it with two stones, and “Forever and Always” engraved on the inside of the ring. The stones, which are presumably birthstones, are green and blue. The green looks like peridot, and the blue looks like blue citrine. The ring’s style is one of a woman’s.

The students whom Williams assigned the ring to started on Facebook. They tried to connect the dots by looking at more than 20 “Paiges” on the website, and just as many “Dylans”. Then, they finally thought they made a match. They had found a Paige Richmond who was dating a Dylan Cuddahee. After reaching out to both of them and checking back daily for more than a week, the students reached a conclusion: they were going to get no comment.

During the second week of this assignment, the students ventured to Charlotte to visit Carl V. Reck, a jeweler. While the car ride was 15-minutes long, the talk with the jeweler was short. The ring was not purchased at this location, and was more than likely a mother’s ring.

So now, using the power of the press and the internet, the picture is posted here, in hopes of finding its owner. For information, contact Williams at

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