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  • Brian Freiberger

Double Nickel invests in the community

The Double Nickel Party Store located on the north side of Olivet will be adding gas pumps during fall 2016 after announcing it to the community over Facebook on Oct. 10.

Lisa Weseman, the owner of the Double Nickel since 2012, has invested $250,000 into a 20,000-gallon tank that will hold regular, diesel and high flow diesel gas.

"We’ve done better than we thought we would not having gas. The community here has been so good to us. I love this town. They really have been so supportive ever since we’ve opened," said Weseman. "Although we don’t make a fortune on gas, we are doing well, paying the bills, paying the employees and that’s what counts, keeping the lights on."

The average price of gas across the nation is at $2.22 according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Gas stations do not make a lot of money off its gas, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores. The average store averages a profit of three cents a gallon.

Previously, the Double Nickel only had regular gas options until removing its system in 2010.

Sophomore and Olivet citizen for all of his life, Austin Sadler had this to say about the Double Nickel, "I like the home style feel they do a good job making it a friendly atmosphere." Sadler also said, "My parents have always been big time supporters of the Double Nickel ever since the past owners because the prices have always been reasonable."

R.W. Mercer Co. is a contracting company located in Grand Rapids that is overseeing the project,"To strive toward unparalleled trust, performance and pride," this is R.W. Mercer’s mission statement located on their web site.

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