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  • Mike Domzalski

OC Poems and Suicide Note

My Time

Darkness covered the light

No time to be scared of the night.

Darkness flowed over my skin

I knew this is where it all ends.

No one to save you know

Your time is done my child.

Eyes open one last time

Dark hands covered my eyes

My time is done.

No more happy face to see

Now only sad and depress as I can


Everyone ask “Are you alright?”

I smile saying “I’m all right”, but

The blade digging in me won’t let up

Now that I know no one will save

me at all

This is the end

The end of me my good old friend.


A gun to the head

Is easy to end your life.

Feeling a knife piercing your

Skin is always enough.

Having no one to talk to

Ends your life.

Depression kills your life.

Suicides the sister of depressions life.

No one to save you know,

Your time is up you fat cow.

Don’t ask anyone for help,

They don’t’ want to waste

their breath yet.

Goodbye, hope to see you


But in the end, again will never be

the same without you my friend.

Suicide Awareness Information

Suicide is a subject dealt with in many ways in this society, from portrayals in the media, in films and television dramas, to comic presentations on Adult Swim or Fox.

But the written word seems to reign as the place for people to express their feelings, fears, passion and intent. Poetic license is paramount for poets, creative writers, and even journalists. Take the recent coverage of the 14-year-old Wisconsin teen who, after her last dance at her prom, wanted to die, and, died Sept. 22 of her disease. Her short life was Facebook and news fodder for months.

Ironically, she died from her illness days after National Suicide Prevention Week, Sept. 5-11. The phrase #StopSuicide was created by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to call attention to the voices, rumors, mis-information and need for education about suicide, which strikes all ages and gender.

The most perplexing issue with suicide is knowing when a warning sign or risk factor is “real” for someone. Media – books, film, poetry, etc. – often shine a light on an often taboo topic.

If you or someone you know is in crises, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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