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  • Hannan Gedeon

Meet a WOCR DJ: The Infamous Oryan

WOCR, otherwise known as Olivet College student radio, is a big part of some students’ lives here at Olivet, especially those majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. Sophomore Corey Hricovsky is just one of the students that participates in these undertakings with such passion.

Hricovsky grew up in Grand Rapids, and while he moved around a lot from the suburbs to apartments, and back to the suburbs, one thing stayed persistent - radio. While the radio caught his attention, a role model formed for Hricovsky, who went by the name DJ Dahmer of WGRD Radio. “He was on during the evening prime time shift, and he was the first guy to make me realize you could go out of your way and actually have a personality on air,” said Hricovsky. “There was this huge growth of WGRD promotional events, it became hard to go out to local businesses and not see WGRD's presence,” said Hricovsky. After the flourishment of the ideal radio show, “the idea of getting down into a town's music scene really appealed to me at the time and after realizing music majors get no job, I decided I wanted to go into media and mass communications based entirely off the idea of working a station and doing events like concerts and what not,” said Hricovsky. Hricovsky, otherwise known as “The infamous Oryan” on WOCR, 89.1 The One, established his name from memories of that when he was a high school student. His parents originally wanted to name him “Orion” after the Metallica instrumental. Since then Hricovsky decided to take the name and run with it, changing the I to a Y. He later added “The Infamous” part after some time, “I thought it told a better story than anything else I could come up with,” said Hricovsky. While Hricovsky is on the air at WOCR he likes to “run a straight up rock show”. He says it’s the only kind of music that get an energetic reaction out of him that helps him present himself on the air. “As for my personality on air I try to keep it as close to me as possible; however, seeing how I can be very timid in nature and often shy when meeting with people, I try to pretend to be more confident than I am off air,” said Hricovsky. Hricovsky also went on to explain that WOCR has helped him get reintroduced into some songs he had forgotten, such as the White Stripes and Jack White, which has helped influence his attempt at getting an internship at Third Man Records. But, that's all up in the air as of right now and he’s “hoping not to jinx that.”

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