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  • Zach Blanchard

SGA meeting draws students concerns, ideas

The first Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of the 2016-2017 academic school year was Sept. 21. During the SGA gathering, lead by SGA President Jarrell Brackett, junior and Greek SGA representative, timely information was released to the student body, along with issues students wanted to be addressed.

More than 50 students attended. The SGA gathering included fraternities, sororities, and other groups and organizations who attended to voice their concerns and ideas. The student body voiced concerns regarding longer hours for the MacKay Gymnasium, better access to the change machines in the dormitories, stocking the vending machines in Blair Hall, and the vast majority suggested that the school eliminate the fee for laundry.

A few upcoming events were mentioned, such as Olivet College Homecoming Oct. 5-8. Brackett said we can expect a Homecoming celebration in the square as well as a dance party. Brackett also told the student body that another club fair will take place to give further information about student clubs and organizations, and that a complete events list is online on the schools web site.

Brackett said, “I want for the students to understand that we can do wonderful things together. We as students are not just subject to the administration. There is such a power that we have when we all form together, and if we are apart and separate, we will never do great things. I want to do wonderful and great things, and everywhere I go I do great things. Anytime I see a problem I find a solution, and that is what we are doing here. We are going to make a solution where there was none; we are going to find where the problems are and create solutions out of them. Instead of being scared to confront problems and issues, let’s go directly at them, and eradicate them as soon as they come up, so that way we can move on to things that are worthwhile. My job as president is to make sure these students know they are represented well, every single time that I’m out there.”

Jeff Humphrey, sophomore, and student activities representative said, “We are elected by the students from the students to represent students, and to try to get them the things they want or need on campus.”

The next general meeting for Student Government Association takes place Oct. 12 in the Mott Auditorium.

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