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  • Rachel Senopole

Parking woes surface across campus

With Olivet not being surrounded by much, it is nice that the college allows the students to have cars on campus for no cost. The only problem is parking is limited compared to the number of students with cars.

“There is limited parking on campus and the school hasn’t taken into account that the number of students keeps growing, “ said junior Allison Turner. “The number of parking passes the school hands out is way more than the number of parking the school provides. Students are having to sacrifice getting tickets from parking on the street because there is nowhere for us to park.”

Students have found alternatives. Some students will long board, ride bikes, or ride a ripstick around campus.

“I got a bike because I live in the Long Apartments and it’s a little farther away from everything on campus, so I bike to all my classes and basically everywhere I can,” sophomore Ashley Lounds said, “with athletes not being able to park at Cutler too, I figured it would just be faster and easier to bike. Plus it’s been super nice out.”

Limited parking can also be difficult for those who are injured and need to drive around campus because they are on crutches.

“It’s hard to find parking on campus in general, but when you are injured and need to park even closer its even more difficult. Thankfully I can still park down at Cutler, but I had to get a certain parking pass to park there,” junior Kaitlin Irish said.

Students want more parking around campus and they think the school should be doing something about it, besides the one parking lot that was added near Dole Hall.

“We don’t have a ton of places for new parking, but there are a couple areas where it can be added, such as tearing down the tennis courts and adding parking over there,” said senior Hannah Sweeney, “then down by Cutler near the soccer and baseball fields parking could be put there because people park there during the actual games. Lastly it can be added across the street from Cutler where families come to tailgate.”

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