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  • Amilia Tomalka

The ball is in their court

With 11 players, four freshmen, and three captains on the Olivet Women’s Tennis Team this year, the girls are ready to get back into the grind of the season and take back the courts.

"This season is going to be fun," said captain Bre Rudlaff. "We have a lot of growing to do as a team, but we all have potential to improve a lot this year."

With seven returning from last year, players are excited about how much experience and possible talent is already on the team.

"I’m very optimistic about this season because all of our returning players are talented and experienced," said senior and captain Isabel Snyder. "Many of the freshman players show a lot of potential." With experience on the team the four new freshmen have some hopes and excitements for the season.

"I’m excited to better myself as an individual player and to improve my skills as a doubles partner," said freshman Sydnie Weller.

Some freshmen are just pumped for the overall experience of the tennis team.

"I’m excited to meet new people and make some lifelong friends," said freshman Taylor Robbins.

With a combination of the future talent on the team and the current prowess seen through the returning players from the prior season, the girls have a promising season to come.

"A few players have gotten moved up in the line up so I feel that we can have a pretty successful season if we put in the effort," said junior captain Maddy Drikakis.

The team is going into the season with the building blocks in place for a developing program of continuity.\

"This season marks my third overall year with the program. We’re at a comfort level where we have experienced players at every position," said Andrew DeBruyn. "The overall attitude and belief that we can go out and win shows every day. Last season we won four conference matches and look to capitalize this Fall/Spring."

Through the system that has been put in place by DeBruyn, the players come into the season knowing exactly what to expect, which is always an advantage for athletes, because athletes tend to instinctively seek out a stable regimen that they can stick to and count on throughout the course of the season.

The team has had only one match so far this season. It was a tough loss, but the team played well. They will have four more matches to complete their five-week Fall season. The Spring season starts up in February and goes until April. Next match is Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Battle Creek Country Club.

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