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  • Re’Gene Thompson

What is student life? The campus has an answer - sort of

The Student Life tab on myOlivet keeps students up-to-date on scheduled and upcoming events. There is also a weekly email that notifies students of what’s going on that given week.

But there’s one question: what is student life? Does it exist? And are students having fun on campus?

Here’s what some students at Olivet College had to say.

“Overall, I have had fun; I have grown and learned how to adapt to my surroundings,” senior L.J. Wilson said.

“I’ve had my ups and downs,” freshman Corey Hricovsky said.

“My number one goal is wanting students to have an excellent experience here at Olivet College,” said Jason Meadows, associate dean of Student Life and director of student activities.

If students pay attention to dorm room doors and the outside of their house/apartment doors, they can also find door decoration fliers listing upcoming events. Students that work for Meadows, including sophomore Cierra Kent and junior Sherri Bridges, make it their priority to post these fliers notifying students of what’s happening next.

“We try to have events take place at least twice a month; these events range from bringing in hypnotists, and Think Fast, which was a novelty game show. Both events were pretty low turnouts and not what I expected,” Meadows said.

But with the downs there were also some ups. “We’ve had other programs such as Midnight Breakfast on Homecoming which had a tremendous turn out with over 400 people,” said Meadows.

“Our last big program was the Haunted Hallways where we worked with the RAs (resident advisors). Each night we had over 100 students show up. For me, if I can get over 100 students, that is an excellent turnout,” said Meadows.

“I genuinely do think that students are having fun, students find ways to have fun if not always with the activities that I put on, by being a part of student clubs and organizations,” said Meadows.

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