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  • Lydia Calderon

Spring fashions minimize classic looks

It’s almost time to switch out those winter boots for a pair of sandals here in Southwest Michigan. With snow melting and temperatures rising, spring is beginning to bloom. In the fashion world, spring calls for new trends and of course the oh-so-famous fashion week, held annually in New York City, where designers premier their news wears. In the modern age of 2015, newer ideas of fashion trends have come into play as well as new patterns.

Gingham prints and plaids have been around for years, but with a modern update, this print is making a comeback. And best of all, anyone and any age can wear this trend!

Sporty meets classic in a new runway trend: minimalism. Whether it is from bold stripes, or simple white and black, minimalism has the affect of appearing fresh and chic.

Another trend? Bucket bags. Bucket bags are bags that have a round bottom and result in a bucket shape because of a drawstring top. They are considered by fashionistas to look relaxed and give a casual vibe to wearers. Bucket bags are officially in according to Teen Vogue, and they are calling them spring’s new “It bag”. They are practical and stylish, what better type of handbag to wear this season.

Be bold and daring with bright florals. In a recent Teen Vogue photo spread, the apparel consisted of floral of all different colors. Bright colors that contrasted together were popular color schemes.

Now what do all these trends mean for college students?

Olivet College sophomore Margaret Callahan said, “I’m looking forward to spring so I can finally wear bright colors and short sleeves.”

When asked about which trend she’d most likely choose to adapt to, she said, “Something about wearing floral makes me feel pretty and awake and just overall good about myself. Especially when it gets warmer out. It just makes me happy.”

“I think that florals will be the highlight of my springtime.” Olivet College freshman Rachel Joseph said. “Minimalism too.”

Spring forward with these new trends and prints. Gingham and plaids, minimalism, bucket bags, and floral will be a for sure sight these next couple of months.

So whatever you decide to wear and have in your wardrobe this spring, just remember one thing . . . snow pants are OUT!


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